Thursday, June 14, 2012


all via my instagram

  1. street art in santa monica
  2. latest manicure (diy directions here)
  3. more street art in santa monica
  4. spiked sneakers via free people
  5. happy sunday in malibu
  6. the best drink ever - have you tried it?!
  7. my friend allie and i, love her rad skull blouse
  8. just doing some beach yoga in malibu
  9. surfers <3
  10. my roommate kelsey and i at the melrose trading post
  11. origami in my glass, at eggplant

just the latest and greatest of my instagram (@samnegrin), follow me on twitter (@samnegrin) if you don't have instagram! heading back to arizona this weekend to get my furniture and officially move into my own apartment here in los angeles! yayay!