Monday, January 2, 2012

what I'm wearing: in ze city

{ urban outfitters jeans, ark & co. coat, JC Litas, scarf/gloves/purse all gifts via Beverly, my sisters hat, planet blue and frassy rags rings }

I went to the city today with family and had such a great day - posted a photo of my mom and her fantastic cheetah print faux coat (I tweeted about it the other day) and my sister and I with her patchwork litas ...I'm going to do a where to eat post on the restaurant we went to it was AMAZING (+ organic + healthy... YAY to new years resolutions! haha) I love this white coat, I almost look forward to winter time just so I can wear it. It's so nice going into NYC from Long Island on beautiful days like this. And tomorrow I'm back to Arizona to finish off my last semester at ASU, times they are a'changin!