Thursday, January 19, 2012

recipe: sweet potato-smoothie!

photos my own

Friends, food-lovers and health freaks alike: I give to you the sweet potato pie as a smoothie, smoothie. I was talking with a customer at work about hemp milk (I'm a barista) and we started conjuring ideas on how to work with it. Somehow sweet potatoes got involved and..
a lá smoothie !

I swear this tastes like a pie... and I know you're thinking, HEMP milk, sweet potatoes, walnuts and a blender?... ew. But nooo, no no. This is surprisingly delicious and super healthy. You could also use vanilla almond or soy milk. Why add flaxseed? Omega-3's, baby! Decrease your risk of heart disease, stroke, good for your skin (again... I'm a nutrition major).

  • of course you'll be cooking the sweet potatoes first, so just throw a small (roughly 1/4 cup) of sweet potato cubes in boiling water for 20 minutes, more or less.
  • let them cool, or else your smoothie will be warm.
  • be sure that your walnuts are extremely finely chopped, getting chunks of walnut in the middle of your gulp might be annoying...
  • throw all of the ingredients in the blender (adding ice if you'd like)
  • enjoy your sweet potato smoothie!