Friday, January 6, 2012

featuring: GustOrganics, NY

This is the amazing restaurant I told you I'd post on - GustOrganics - the first and only 100% USDA certified organic restaurant in New York. Not to mention the world's first certified restaurant using all organic ingredients. I stumbled upon it via the Food Network website because Rachel Ray made a visit here during one of her travel episodes. I was intrigued by the name, went to their website and immediately fell in love with the idea and the menu of GustOrganics. (P.S. the bar is also 100% organic!)

In the photos above there's Grilled Pizza, Squash & Pear Soup, Baked Empanadas, Beet Turnip & Parsnip Soup, Oven Roasted Sweet Tomato Salad - we also ordered Homemade Squash & Cheese Ravioli, Lentil Stew... and Bloody Mary's. Each dish was extraordinary. It was obvious that the ingredients were of extremely high quality... clean and fresh.

The decor in the restaurant is colorful, unique and comfortable. The service was fantastic, I felt very welcomed. Stumbling upon this restaurant is one of my favorites discoveries yet - a place I could see myself eating at every single day if I lived closer ;)

GustOrganics received the Environmental Business Leadership award in NY, as well as the Green Business of The Year. It is the greenest restaurant in New York state, soon-to-be the greenest in the US. They're open 365 days a year for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

If you're planning a trip to NYC you have got to visit - check the website here.